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Live reading: “The Comedy of Errors” with Danny Scheie

Join us as Professor Danny Scheie brings the old gang back together for one more show. Danny is retiring from teaching, but luckily not from the...

4/23 5:30pm
Virtual Event
Introduction to Irrigation

Water is the base for all life and critically important during these years of erratic rainfall. In this workshop, instructor Avry Miller will discuss the...

4/20 5pm
Virtual Event
April in Santa Cruz New Music Festival 2021

The UCSC Music Department presents the April in Santa Cruz Music Festival, a month-long series of free concerts featuring works by UC Santa Cruz faculty and...

Virtual Event
Banana Slug Share: Historical Glimpse into the Arts at UCSC from 1975-77: Student Film Documentary & Video Synth Experiment

Two Kresge alumni share rare video footage of UCSC back in 1975-1977 through their creative lens. The documentary film is a compilation of students’ final...

4/21 11am
Virtual Event
UCSC’s Early Days: The Creation of an Uncommon Campus

With more than 50 years of hindsight, Campus Architect Emeritus Frank Zwart (Cowell ’71) and founding faculty member Bill Domhoff will discuss the ideas and...

4/24 10am
Virtual Event
Elephant Seals at UCSC's Año Nuevo Reserve

Join Reserve Director Patrick Robinson for a live view of the elephant seal colony at Año Nuevo. You will get to see the elephant seals returning for their...

4/24 10am
Virtual Event
University Forum

Join us for an engaging conversation with award-winning filmmakers and professors in the Social Documentation MFA program Jacqueline Olive and Jennifer...

4/21 5:30pm
Virtual Event
Banana Slug Share: Origami Fun

Have a little fun. Take a little break. Be entertained by a fellow Slug as he demos a few of his original designs and then teaches you how to fold some of...

4/21 3pm
Virtual Event
Banana Slug Share: The Art of Survival in Mind, Body & Spirit

Based on a lifetime career as an expedition photographer covering ever-changing cultures and wilderness places on the planet (which began in a darkroom at...

4/21 7pm
Virtual Event
Banana Slug Share: Evening cello: Bach and Beyond

Move into the evening with a half-hour of solo cello: UCSC music alum Roger Lebow playing Bach and related surprises. Cellist Roger Lebow (Porter, ‘71) was...

4/24 7pm
Virtual Event