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Thumbing through Seed Catalogs with Orin Martin

Fancy a fireside chat with Orin about which seed catalogs he likes to peruse and what he considers when ordering seeds? This Zoom presentation will more...

12/9 5pm
Virtual Event
Getting Started with Fruit Trees

Join Orin Martin, manager of the UCSC Alan Chadwick Garden and author of Fruit Trees for Every Garden, for an online presentation on how to select, plant,...

1/6/2021 5pm
Virtual Event
Pruning Deciduous Fruit Trees

Pome and stone fruits will be featured in this online presentation on pruning and shaping fruit trees from Orin Martin, manager of the UCSC Alan Chadwick...

1/13/2021 5pm
Virtual Event
Digital Tool Review: Mudbox/OpenGL (Zoom workshop)

Join Digital Scholarship Librarian Joshua Tuthill for this Zoom workshop for a practical introduction to the 3D sculpting software Autodesk Mudbox and...

12/1 1:30pm
Virtual Event
What’s next: The tech behind a great virtual meeting

The Why, How to, and What’s Next of Going Virtual In this virtual world we live and work in how are you delivering impactful content, managing all the...

12/1 6pm
Virtual Event
The Tech Job Search: Recruiter/International Alumni Panel

Join Global Engagement and the Career Center for an interactive workshop featuring recruiters and international student alumni currently working in the tech...

12/3 12pm
Virtual Event
Sustainability Office Film Series - Fall Screening: "2040" Film

Join the Sustainability Office for our Fall Screening of 2040 followed up by a 45 min Q&A with Ellen Vaughan, Water & Climate Action Manager, and...

12/3 2:45pm
Virtual Event
Kraw Lecture: UCSC Nobel Laureate discusses telomeres—from curiosity driven research to human disease

Join us for a special Kraw Lecture as Chancellor Cynthia Larive welcomes Carol W. Greider, Ph.D., recipient of the 2009 Nobel Laureate in Medicine, to our...

12/8 5:30pm
Virtual Event
Celebrating Together Beyond Borders: Food & Family

Join our Global Mentors online as we celebrate Thanksgiving beyond the US and share personal stories behind the meaning of food and family from around the...

11/27 2pm
Virtual Event
Abolition Then and Now w/ Isaac Julien and Robin D.G. Kelley

Abolition Then & Now with historian & cultural theorist Robin D. G. Kelley & artist & filmmaker Isaac Julien, co-presented with McEvoy Foundation for the...

12/1 12pm
Virtual Event