Sunday, February 17

Counterculture, Capitalism, and the Grateful Dead

The newest exhibit featuring the Grateful Dead Archive explores how the band pioneered new ways of thinking about work, about being in business, and about...

UC Santa Cruz Women's Tennis

Come out and watch the UC Santa Cruz NCAA Women's Tennis team take on Chapment in the UCSC Tournament at 8am on the OPERS court!

Osher Lifelong Learners Institute at UCSC February Meeting

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UCSC Come join us for the February meeting on Sunday, Feb. 17. The general meeting starts at 10 a.m. in the...

Seaside Crafts—At Home!

Seaside Crafts—from the comfort of your own home! Create ocean-inspired crafts and activities using materials found around the house. Visit the Seymour...

Virtual Event
Science Sunday—Sea Otter Palm Reading: Measuring Sense of Touch

Sea otters are in a race against time. To survive, they hunt for clams, crabs, urchins, snails, mussels, and abalone down to 100 feet deep. Otters must work...

Random With A Purpose XXVII: Via

UCSC’s annual student dance production, Random With A Purpose, is a collaboratively student-run and student-created dance production. For 26 years, Random...

Sunday, February 17