Wednesday, September 22

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Refract invites viewers to a digital symposium addressing topics such as memory, technology and site-specificity, genealogy and familial relationships, and...

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Irwin 2021: Fabrication Solace (Online Exhibition)

"IRWIN 2021: Fabricating Solace," marks the 35th annual Irwin scholarship exhibition, which showcases a select group of UC Santa Cruz’s accomplished young...

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SIGNS OF LIFE: DANM MFA Graduating Exhibition

DANM MFA Graduating Exhibition: Student works presented on specially designed website

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(artwork by Miki Saito)

Learn how the members of the Grateful Dead and the global Dead Head community took inspiration from one another in creating an image-rich, worldwide art...

resist/record/repair: New Works in Special Collections & Archives 

Featuring artists’ books, games, booklike objects, zines, prints, and sculptures, resist/record/repair shows a selection of works acquired (and most created)...

Non-Tech Jobs in Tech

Think you need to be an expert coder to get a job in Tech? Our panel of UC alumni will share how they’ve positioned their non-technical backgrounds to lead...

When to Look for a new job!

Join UCSC Alums Shaz Umer, Armando Hernandez, Neel Patel, Helen Yamamoto, and Mike Jaron in this panel to discuss when it's the right time to look for a new...

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Medicinal herbs

Grow and harvest medicinal herbs in your garden. Clinical herbalist Paula Grainger will share her top 10 medicinal herbs to grow in and around Santa Cruz....

Living Like A College Student

Join SlugCents for an interactive workshop on navigating student finances! We will discuss managing money, on and off campus financial resources, and UCSC’s...

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Kraw Lecture Series

Discovery in biology and medicine is strongly driven by new possibilities to visualize the processes of life. To see new things, the Saralab invents and...

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Wednesday, September 22