Wednesday, January 19

Senior Show: Stella Brown (Online Exhibition)

Senior Art student Stella Brown presents an online photography exhibition that gives viewers a glimpse of the artist's memories, experiences and interactions...

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(artwork by Miki Saito)

Learn how the members of the Grateful Dead and the global Dead Head community took inspiration from one another in creating an image-rich, worldwide art...

COVID-19 Booster Clinic Image

Student Health Services will be administering Moderna boosters January 19–21 from 8:30 am–4:15 pm by appointment only at Stevenson Event Center. Free to...

CAPS Graduate Women's Group

A supportive space to realize you are not alone in struggling to juggle personal and academic demands. Common topics include: anxiety, motivation, Impostor...

The Kapany Collection–Sikh Art in America

The Eloise Pickard Smith Gallery brings you a remarkable collection of Sikh art from Narinder S. and Satinder K. Kapany. Narinder S. Kapany established an...

Why Elementary Kids Need Recess

Many educators and policymakers believe recess is simply fun and games, and easily dispensable to make room for more serious educational goals. The reality...

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SJRC logo

Join SJRC scholars on Wednesday, January 19th for an open discussion of works-in-progress! This is a wonderful chance to engage with one another’s ideas, and...

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Kraw Lecture Series

Marine mammals undertake some of the most extraordinary migrations on the planet to eat and avoid being eaten. They make behavioral decisions based on the...

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End of the Line: The Women of Standing Rock - Screening + Panel

Join us Wednesday, January 19th from 7-9pm PT for a screening of End of the Line: The Women of Standing Rock, the incredible story of a group of indigenous...

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Wednesday, January 19