Tuesday, December 6

Image credit: Still from Futility Season, courtesy of Hoda Sobhani

Exemplary films from the Social Documentation M.F.A. cohorts (2021 and 2022) rotate in an exhibition called Frames Per Second. The films document...

(artwork by Miki Saito)

Learn how the members of the Grateful Dead and the global Dead Head community took inspiration from one another in creating an image-rich, worldwide art...

Advancement: A. Kaul (CSE) - D4: Dynamic, Decentralized, Distributed, Delegation-Based Network Control and Its Applications to Autonomous Vehicles

Description: Connected autonomous vehicles technology is expected to be an important component of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Several relevant...

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Description: Since the advent of the modern microprocessor, the pursuit of better performance has led to increased design complexity. This increased...

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Tuesday, December 6