Monday, March 13

Gautam Kumar

Seminar Abstract: Neurophysiological and mental ailments such as epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer's disease affect millions of...

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Baskin Engineering logomark

Presenter: Sarah Hosni, Lecturer, Computer Science, Old Dominion University Sample lecture: Quick Sort in C++ Description: In this sample 20-25 minutes...

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CM Seminar: Human factors, Computing, and Children

Presenter: Juan Pablo Hourcade, Professor of Computer Science and Director of Graduate Studies for the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Informatics at...

Men's Tennis vs Cal Tech

NCAA Division III Men's Tennis Competition

Sangwon Hyun

Presenter: Sangwon Hyun, Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics at the University of California, Santa Cruz Description: Although microscopic,...

Lyla June

Conversations on Climate Justice with Lyla June. Colonization is an issue of climate justice. Contrary to popular belief, Indigenous Peoples leveraged...

Slugs and Steins

Have you ever had the experience of not knowing whether someone was being sarcastic? You are not alone. In this talk, Prof. Jean E. Fox Tree will present...

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Monday, March 13