Monday, May 8

Summer session poster showing Sammy the Slug surfing a wave

Enrollment is underway for UC Santa Cruz Summer Session, which offers a wide range of in-person and online classes across multiple departments. Anyone can...

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Dimitrios Kanoulas

Seminar Abstract: Attaining animal-like locomotion and manipulation in uncertain environments is a largely open problem. New advancements in mechatronics...

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Engineering Students

Description: Organ-on-a-chip systems combine microfluidics, cell biology, and tissue engineering to culture 3D organ-specific in vitro models that...

Large-scale character simulation using bottom-up logic programming

Presenter: Ian Horswill, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Northwestern University Description: Declarative programming, such as logic programming,...

Baskin Engineering logomark

Presenter: Keaton Burns, Instructor in Applied Mathematics at MIT Description: Numerical simulations of partial differential equations (PDEs) are...

Civil Conflict Affects Seasonal Labor Flows in Afghanistan

Presenter: Xiao Hui Tai, Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, UC Davis Description: Beyond immediate loss of life and physical destruction, civil...

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Slugs and Steins

The James Webb Space Telescope Comes to Life, and Resets Astronomy! with Distinguished Professor Emeritus Garth Illingworth The James Webb Space Telescope...

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Monday, May 8