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Lindy Boisvert

Lindy Boisvert posted a photo 5/7/2019

Joni White

Joni White posted a photo 2/21/2019

Anders Svensson

Anders Svensson left a review 10/31/2018

Personally, I was dissapointed by "The Zentrepreneur Symposium"..

Although a few questions were asked about what these busy executives do to maintain a Zen lifestyle (and a Zen atmosphere in their work environments) -- no such information was actually provided. In fact, the answers given by the executives made it seem as though they have no time for meditation, regular exercise, spiritual pursuits, family, or anything else of REAL value.

The tales told by these executives had more to do with finding outside funding to sustain their enterprises thru a series of growing pains (such as, business model adjustments, and the like.)

Based on their own descriptions, these executives seem to be far removed from any experience of of peace and joy. In fact, it sounded to me as if these executives have sold their souls, in exchange for power and prosperity.

With this in mind, I think that the name of the event should have been changed to something other than "The Zentrepreneur Symposium".

(The title of the event did not reflect the topics of discussion.)