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Genetti, M. (BME) - Approaches for Studying Admixture in Diverse Natural Populations

Admixture, the genetic intermixing of divergent populations, plays a crucial role in evolution, influencing genetic diversity and having roles in adaptation...

5/24 11am
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Undergrad Research Conference

This quarter, ACM has partnered with Baskin School Of Engineering to host an undergraduate research conference on May 28th. This conference is an opportunity...

5/28 9am
Kang, J. (STAT) - Flexible and Efficient Ordinal Regression with Bayesian Nonparametrics

About: Scientific discoveries are advanced by flexible and efficient statistical models. Grounded on Bayesian nonparametric modeling techniques, this thesis...

5/31 2pm
Nikolakakis, E. (ECE) - Brain CBCT Implicit Scene Representation using Gaussian Splatting

About: Reducing the radiation dose administered to patients for established scanning protocols is a fundamental problem in computed tomography (CT) medical...

6/3 2pm
IRAPS Report Session #5: Faculty's inclusive teaching practices

In Spring 2021, Baskin Engineering faculty were invited to participate in a survey focused on faculty perceptions and experiences of climate, inclusivity &...

6/10 9am

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