Advancement: L. Burbano - Formal analysis of Cyber-physical systems' security

Abstract: Researchers have continuously integrated new technologies into cyber-physical systems (CPS) to increase their capabilities. With new algorithms, CPS can gather more information from diverse sources, such as new sensors or communication networks. Unfortunately, these new technologies increase the CPS attack surface, expanding the potential vulnerabilities attackers can exploit to compromise the system's safety. Consequently, as CPSs gain new capabilities, we require new techniques that automatically respond to attacks and mitigate their effects. My research focuses on designing those strategies; we combine control theory techniques, such as reachability analysis, with formal computer science methods to understand the impact of attacks against CPS and synthesize defense mechanisms with provable safety guarantees.

Event Host: Luis Burbano, PhD Student, Computer Science & Engineering

Advisor: Alvaro Cardenas  

Join us in person or on Zoom:

Passcode: 361457

Monday, May 22, 2023 at 9:00am

Engineering 2, Rm 506

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