Do you want to start investing but don't really know where to start? This workshop will educate you on the fundamentals of investing and the different tax advantaged accounts. The importance of long term investing and the power of compound interest.

Evelyn Barrios (Oakes, ‘08) is a high school life science teacher and creator of Maestra on FIRE, a platform dedicated to money matters. When she is not teaching students about science she is educating others about personal finance and financial independence. Evelyn is passionate about helping first generation BIPOC alumni and students on their path to financial independence.

This alumni presentation is not endorsed or recommended by the University of California.  The University makes no warranty or representation of any kind as to the accuracy or validity of the information presented.  If you are in need of specific advice (for example, health, legal, financial), please seek a professional who is licensed and can provide you with individual advice.

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