Basic Needs Student Support Webinar: An Overview of Basic Needs and Student Support

Amidst Spring Quarter adjustments there are so many changes to the student experience that our Basic Needs team of staff, faculty, student leaders, and community partners want to share resources available to support your success! Our Campus Basic Needs Co-Chair, Tim Galarneau, and Student Basic Needs Online Programming Lead, Brenda Walker, will facilitate a set of presentations across food preparation and distribution, Cal Fresh enrollment and renewal, off campus and on campus housing assistance, crisis management and support, and Financial Aid assistance in the era of a pandemic.

What you will get:

  • Connection and updates to ensure you have what you need and your peers to support your spring quarter success and beyond!.
  • Tools and resources to stay supported in your planning and academic pathway at UCSC
  • A space to ask timely questions and contribute to our collective learning on how we are advancing basic needs services and support

For faculty and staff, these sessions may provide further guidance and resources for you to share with students in your programs, classes, and undertakings so please join us!

UCSC Dean of Students Office: An Overview of Basic Needs and Student Support (Monday noon-1pm)
Featuring: Garrett Naiman, Dean of Students, Kednel Jean, Basic Needs Director for the Dean of Students

This session will provide an overview of the scope of programs the Dean of Students Office oversees that intersects with Basic Needs, student funding and resource support, as well as the Dean's role in advocating for student success and advancing concerns to further respond to student needs at UCSC. In addition, meet the Dean of Students Basic Needs Director and learn more about DOS Ambassadors Program and how they intersect across basic needs issues at UCSC. Further hear about the current Referendum to support Slug Support and its future home at Kresge College!

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Monday, May 11 at 12:00pm to 1:00pm

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