Defense: E. Dagan - Encouraging Social Connection With Wearable Technology Design

Description: Toward innovating ways to help people develop interdependent, more connected ways of relating, in this dissertation, I took a research-through-design (RtD) approach. I explored how ubiquitous and embodied technology design could encourage connections and draw people's attention to each other. I focused on wearable technology, building on my background in fashion design, psychology, and interactive storytelling. Specifically, I identified and explored the design space of social wearables, i.e., wearable technology that augments co-located interaction. This dissertation makes three contributions: (1) practice-based knowledge through three case studies of social wearables design prototypes, (2) conceptual contributions through a design framework for social wearables, the strong concept of synergistic social technology, and the experiential design quality of vulnerability, and (3) translational contribution that bridges the theoretical framing with practice in the form of instructional materials for educators, to teach and practice social wearable design. The prototypes described in the case studies serve as design exemplars for the design space. I made copies of each final wearable design to test with people in social situations. These studies resulted in surfacing intermediate-level knowledge, thus contributing to theoretical framing. Finally, the instructional materials are starting points for educators and designers to teach and develop social wearables.
Event Host: Ella Dagan, Ph.D. Candidate, Computational Media
Advisor: Katherine Isbister

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Tuesday, May 16, 2023 at 8:15am

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