Generative AI Fundamentals

This webinar introduces participants to the world of generative AI—the architecture of ChatGPT and its variants. 

We’ll cover the concept of prompt engineering and the best approach to AI tools, resources, and practices in building generative AI models.

Join us for a glimpse of emerging trends, ethical considerations, and future opportunities in the new transformer-based AI models that generate original content, including audio, code, images, text, simulations, and videos.


  • Explain the fundamental concepts and principles of generative AI.
  • Discuss emerging trends and future directions in generative AI, including ethical considerations and challenges associated with its use.
  • Understand how to install, execute, and fine-tune an AI model such as "Falcon 40b" Chat from HuggingFace.
  • Understand how to create prompts and queries for a Generative AI model such as FalconChat for optimal results.
  • Learn about some courses that you can take to further build your skills in generative AI

This event is sponsored by the UCSC Silicon Valley Extension AI Program.

Tuesday, December 5, 2023 at 6:30pm to 7:30pm

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