Radical Crafting

The Institute of Arts and Sciences presents:

Solitary Garden's Screen Printing & Letter Writing Workshop.

Join us for workshop and visit to Solitary Garden, the participatory public sculpture and garden project by jackie sumell, on view at UC Santa Cruz Baskin Art Studios. At the center of Solitary Garden is a sculpture made following the blueprint of a standard U.S. solitary confinement cell. Around this small prison cell is a garden of flowers and vegetables, designed by Tim Young, currently incarcerated in San Quentin, and communicated via letters and drawings to the students and volunteers who are planting and tending the garden as his proxies.

For this workshop, we will be screenprinting on shirts with all materials provided and have a letter writing station. We invite you to come together, learn more about the project, about Tim Young, and imagine a landscape without prisons. 

Saturday, April 4 at 1:00pm to 3:00pm

UC Santa Cruz Baskin Art Studios.