Can We Build a Trustworthy and Trusted Press: The Trust Project Challenge

We all think we can tell the difference between information designed to deceive and journalism designed to inform. But how do we really know? Join Sally Lehrman in a discussion of this critical question in a climate of mistrust and misinformation. Lehrman, an award-winning journalist and Visiting Science & Justice Professor, founded and leads  the The Trust Project, a consortium of top news companies that are developing publicly accessible standards for assessing the quality and credibility of the news you see online.

Read all about The Trust Protocol and The Trust Project and its news partners (the Economist, Globe and Mail, the Independent Journal Review, Mic, Italy’s La Repubblica and La Stampa, Spain’s El País and El Mundo, the Washington Post, and more) at the following links:

The Verge: Facebook adds trust indicators to news articles in an effort to identify real journalism

CNN Tech: Facebook, Google, Twitter to fight fake news with ‘trust indicators’

The Atlantic: What People Really Want From News Organizations

The Trust Project research: Trust Indicators boost readers’ perceptions of news credibility

Sally Lehrman is an award-winning reporter and writer specializing in medicine and science policy with an emphasis on genetics, race, and sexuality. Lehrman is director of the journalism ethics program at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, leads its signature Trust Project, a complex international collaboration that she began building in 2015 to strengthen public confidence in the news through accountability and transparency. Lehrman has written for some of the most respected names in national print and broadcast media including Scientific American, Nature, Health,, and The DNA Files, distributed by NPR.

Co-Sponsored by the UC Santa Cruz Science and Justice Research Center and Kresge College’s Media & Society Seminar Series.

Tuesday, March 5 at 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Kresge Town Hall
510 Porter-Kresge Road, Santa Cruz, California 95064

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Jen posted a photo 2/28/2019

Are you going to talk about this? How can a "consortium" of news orgs not be collusion when owned by same? Are you going to talk about this? How can a "consortium" of news orgs not be collusion when owned by same?