Situational Decision Making—A LeanAgile Meetup

Leadership in a VUCA world

The Cynefin Sense-making Framework (pronounced kuh-nev-in) is a decision-making framework currently used for situational assessment in technology, industry, government, healthcare, and the military. Use it to understand what kind of situation you are dealing with, the combination of factors comprising that situation, and to decide on an appropriate set of responses.


This session will introduce you to the Cynefin Framework, and enable you:

  • Immediately apply the framework to your work
  • Know and recognize the sense-making domains (Obvious, Complicated, Complex, Chaotic, Ordered, Unordered & Disordered)
  • Have a basic grasp of design techniques for responses in each domain and when, how, and why to move from one domain to another
  • Appreciate that even a basic understanding of Cynefin is valuable

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About the Speaker

Andrew Webster principal and owner of Websters Consulting Services, coaches and trains workers, management, and executives, with the intention of supporting a work experience that is fulfilling both to them and to those who benefit from the work. In software since the 90s, an Agilist since 2004, he is certified as CSM, CSPO, and CSP, as an NLP Master Practitioner. He also has experience with Training From The Back Of The Room, is a (lousy) graphic facilitator, and works as as Drexler/Sibbet team performance indicator facilitator, Agile fluency practitioner, and is an accredited Cynefin trainer and practitioner. He has worked in the UK, Australia, and out of Silicon Valley, alone and through SolutionsIQ and Agile Learning Labs with recent major clients including Visa, PayPal, BBVA Compass, Nest, PayTrace, NimbleRx, and now works for a Bay Area fintech company in Berkeley.

Tuesday, May 21 at 6:30pm to 9:00pm

Silicon Valley Campus
3175 Bowers Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95054

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