Human activities dominate almost all regions of the globe. To persist in these human dominated areas, large carnivores must adjust their physiology, behavior and ecology and similarly, humans must be willing to accommodate these species through changes in business as usual. In this talk we will present our research on large carnivores from the past 15 years and discuss some ways in which this balance is and is not being achieved.

Chris Wilmers is a professor of Wildlife Conservation at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He has been studying large carnivores such as mountain lions, African lions, wolves, leopards and bears for over 20 years trying to understand how humans impact their behavior, ecology, populations and conservation. Locally, Chris and his team have been studying mountain lions in the Santa Cruz Mountains for the past fourteen years. Their research is illuminating many aspects of the secretive world these animals inhabit that were previously unknown to science, as well as identifying critical habitat and land use practices essential for their continued survival.

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