Growing Winter Squash, Part III

In part 3 of our winter squash grow-along, we will check in about our plantings. It has been a cool spring on the Monterey bay coast and everything's off to a slow start.  This shorter, 1 hour class will begin with a 30 minute talk on watering in a drought year, squash pests to monitor for on young plants, and a review of pollination including tips on how to pollinate by hand if you're growing to save seed, are lacking pollinators or are getting fruit drop. We'll reserve the last 30 minutes to open questions, anything you want to ask about your garden! This grow along is intended to be a virtual conversation. Send your questions and photos in advance to


If you missed parts one and two and want to catch up, find us on youtube

Part 1 - Winter Squash

Part 2 - Winter Squash 

Dial-In Information

Wednesday, July 7 at 5:00pm to 6:00pm

Virtual Event