Tapping into a Team’s Culture in Real Time

Uncover & Tap Into Team Culture—in Real Time

Your role as Agile coach and leader is to facilitate agile practices, foster collaboration, support self-organized teams, identify common objectives, AND maintain a balance between the team and the individual. That can be quite a tricky accomplishment!

How do you focus on the whole while not abandoning the individual? How do you tap into the whole team to better shepherd the process?

In this immersive, interactive session, you will experience four ways to identify and to tap into the often invisible culture of the team in real time, to learn how teams can use this information to help themselves make decisions, provide safe places for marginalized voices to be heard, implement course corrections, and make progress.

• Learn a model for thinking about groups of people or teams as a system to foster psychological safety and collaboration.
• Experience at least four tools to access hidden perspectives and access the culture of the team in real time.
• Identify at least one tool or concept to take back home.

About the Speaker

Presenter Judy Levy, MS, PCC, ORSCC, founding director of Levy Consulting, has over 25 years of experience working with large, high technology, biotech companies, and other organizations. She works with senior leaders in tech who face the challenges of a rapidly changing and complex environment, helping them confidently navigate that environment, lead their teams successfully, and reach their professional goals.

About LeanAgile Insights

LeanAgile Insights is a monthly Meetup co-founded by UCSC Extension instructors as a forum for Lean-Agile practitioners, leaders, coaches, students, and lifelong learners to come together to share and learn. The organizers, David Bakhtnia and Hong Nguyen-Phuong are dedicated to ever improving the development of technology-based products and services. David and Hong teach Scrum, agile, and project management. They are endeavoring to tighten the focus on value realization, helping everyone reach the state of simply agile

Explore the Lean-Agile Professional Award, a new specialized short program taught at UCSC SIlicon Valley Extension.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019 at 6:30pm to 9:00pm

Silicon Valley Campus
3175 Bowers Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95054