Teach In: Craig Haney

NOTE: ROOM CHANGE TO HUMANITIES LECTURE HALL. Be a student again for an afternoon! Professor Craig Haney will present a lecture entitled "Think Different: Why Everything We've Been Taught About Crime is Wrong and What We Need to Do About It."

breakProfessor Haney will describe the political and media misrepresentations of the nature and causes of crime in our society and their consequences in helping to fuel a very expensive and misguided set of crime control policies over the last several decades.

He will present the results of extensive research--his own and that of a number of others--demonstrating the developmental and social contextual origins of criminal behavior, including the impact of childhood risk factors, trauma, and maltreatment as well as economic inequality and neighborhood disadvantage on life trajectories.

Indeed, there is now an entire science of "life course criminology" that stands in direct opposition to the simplistic model of "free will" upon which much criminal law and prison policy continues to be based.

Haney will conclude by proposing an alternative, truly preventive model of crime control that stems directly from this fundamentally different understanding of the nature of criminality.

For more information contact Samantha Li, Regional Program Assistant, University Relations.

Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 2:30pm



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