The Futures of Critical Food Studies

“The Futures of Critical Food Studies” is a collaborative event organized by graduate students Erica Zurawskiand Halie Kampman as part of the Science & Justice Research Center’s Training Program.  The event will bring together scholars in critical food studies to share conversations on the past, present, and futures of the field with hopes to create a space to share, collaborate, and discuss the field of critical food studies through important questions that persist as anxieties in the field.  

The event will focus on thinking through questions such as: What is critical food studies? Where has critical food studies been and where is it going?  What is critical about critical food studies? What are some of critical food studies current anxieties and how do we attend to these anxieties? What does it mean to do critical food studies in our current political climate? How do we practice interdisciplinarity through thoughtful engagement? How do we envision the field of critical food studies moving forward?  

These questions build on already existing conversations about the futures of critical food studies while also deepening the provocations to explore possibilities for the practice of interdisciplinarity.  As one of the most innovative and internationally recognized universities for critical food studies, this event seeks to build on UC Santa Cruz’s unique history in the field.

Friday, May 10, 2019 at 12:00pm to 5:15pm

Namaste Lounge
615 College Nine Road, Santa Cruz, California 95064