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This symposium will bring together Brazilian social scientists from the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) and faculty and doctoral students from UCSC to reflect on the political and cultural effects of the rise of the far-right in the Américas and its impacts on democracy.

The panels will focus on: 1) Indigenous Rights and Resistance in the Américas; 2) Race, Gender, and Class in Bolsonaro's Brazil; 3) Discourses and Strategies of the Far-Right; and 4) Neo-Conservatism and Anti-Globalism in the Américas.


9 – 9:15 am: Opening remarks

9:15 am – 10:45 am: Panel 1 - Indigenous Rights and Resistance in the Américas

  • Artionka Capiberibe, Anthropology, UNICAMP - "The contemporary normative war against Indigenous rights and Brazil's endless colonial mentality"
  • Flora Lu, Environmental Studies, UCSC - "Gold Mining and Goldman: Gendered, Placed and Environmental Politics in Cofán Territory, Ecuadorian Amazonia"
  • Mark Anderson, Anthropology, UCSC - "Garifuna and the Politics of Indigeneity in Honduras: From Neoliberal Multiculturalism to Narco-Dictatorship, and Beyond"
  • Renya Ramirez, Anthropology, UCSC - Discussant
  • Tatiane Santa Rosa, PhD Candidate, HAVC, UCSC - Moderator

10:45 am – 11 am: Coffee break

11 am – 12:30 pm: Panel 2 - Race, Gender, and Class in Bolsonaro's Brazil 

  • Mario Medeiros da Silva, Sociology, UNICAMP - “Whenever racism exists, there will no be democracy”: a presentation on Coalização Negra por Direitos [Black Coalition for Rights] (2019-)
  • Patricia Pinho, LALS, UCSC - "Whiteness and the Rise of the Reactionary Wave in Brazil"
  • Sávio M. Cavalcante, Sociology, UNICAMP - "The Middle Classes as the Main Social Basis of Bolsonarismo"
  • Marina Segatti, PhD Candidate, Feminist Studies, and Kaio Lacet, PhD Student, LALS - "Monitoring Racism on Twitter in the 2022 Brazilian Presidential Campaign"
  • Theresa Hice-Fromille, PhD Candidate, Sociology - Moderator

12:30 pm – 1:30 pm: Lunch break

1:30 pm – 3:00 pm: Panel 3 - Discourses and Strategies of the Far-Right in the Américas

  • Andre Kaysel, Political Science, UNICAMP - "Hunting Old Ghosts: anticommunism as an empty signifier of the Latin American far-right"
  • Aims McGuinness, History, UCSC -  "Anti-Black Racism, Anti-Left Discourses, and the Undoing of Democratic Socialism in Cold War Milwaukee, Wisconsin"
  • Gabriela Segura, PhD Candidate, LALS - “‘Give Me Liberty or Give COVID-19’: Anti- quarantine Protests and Necropolitical Freedom”
  • Kent Eaton, Politics, UCSC - "Varieties of the Right: Assessing the Impact of Latin America’s Left Turn on Right-wing Discourses and Strategies"
  • Tiago Tasca, PhD Student, Politics, UCSC - Moderator

3:00 - 4:30 pm: Panel 4 - Neo-Conservatism and Anti-Globalism in the Américas

  • Ronaldo Almeida, Anthropology, UNICAMP - "The Religion of the Bolsonaro Government: neoconservatism and populism" 
  • Matt Sparke, Politics, UCSC - "Reactionary Anti-Globalism and the Crisis of Globalization"
  • Suzana Durão, Anthropology, UNICAMP - "The Virtuous Guard. Creating Moral Security Subjects in Bolsonaro’s Brazil" 
  • Juan Poblete, Literature, UCSC - "Formal and Informal Economies and Citizenships in the United States"
  • Boyeong Kim, PhD Candidate, LALS, UCSC - Moderator

A Special Thank You To Our Event Co-Sponsors: Research Center for the Americas, U.S. Network for Democracy In Brazil, Institute for Social Transformation, and Latin American and Latino Studies Department.

Photo by Caio Matos, used with permission.

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