Virtual Science Sunday—Sharing Space with Sea Otters

Returning to the California coast from the brink of extinction, sea otters are coming home to a coastline fundamentally altered by the expansion of human activity. Research has largely been focused on the acute threats to sea otter population recovery—oil spills, sharks, and disease—but, recently, more insidious impacts have been studied. Namely, that some of humans’ favorite recreation places and the essential habitat of sea otters overlap in many “hot spots” of disturbance.

Please join the Seymour Center and Gena Bentall, director and senior scientist at Sea Otter Savvy, for this special Sea Otter Awareness Week Science Sunday to learn why sea otters matter, why sea otters need protection, and how recreational activities such as kayaking, SCUBA diving, photography, or walking on the beach can impact them.

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Sunday, September 20 at 1:30pm to 2:30pm

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