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Photo of Erika Check Hayden

Presenter: Erika Check Hayden, UCSC Bio: Erika Check Hayden is a San Francisco-based journalist and director of the Science Communication Program...

5/23 11:40am
CPSRC Seminar - Distributed Control & Optimization Framework for Multi-Agent Systems in Space Applications

Speaker: Himadri Basu, Postdoctoral Researcher at HSL - UCSC Abstract: Cooperative control of multi-agent systems has garnered significant attention across...

5/23 2pm
Open Source SlugFest 2024

Join us for this fun and informal event, to hear (and talk about) the amazing open source activities happening at UC Santa Cruz. Who should come? Anyone...

5/23 5pm
Genetti, M. (BME) - Approaches for Studying Admixture in Diverse Natural Populations

Admixture, the genetic intermixing of divergent populations, plays a crucial role in evolution, influencing genetic diversity and having roles in adaptation...

5/24 11am
Ritter, A. (BMEB) - Connecting Alt. RNA Processing to Post-transcriptional Outcomes

About: High throughput RNA sequencing (RNA-seq), and more recently, long read (LR) RNA-seq have revolutionized the study of gene expression. We’re able to...

5/24 12:15pm

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