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Computer Science and Engineering Department

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Castro, S. (CSE) - Proactive, Reactive and Feasible Adversarial Security for Autonomous Cyber Operations Agents

In response to the growing trend of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), multiple approaches have been proposed to secure systems, including adversary...

6/12 2pm
Gomez, J. (CSE) - Towards Robust Security in Scientific Open Source Projects: Challenges, Metrics, and Solutions

The recent discovery of a backdoor in xz Utils, a widely used open source data compression library, has highlighted the critical need for improving security...

6/21 2pm
Kargar, S. (CSE) - Towards Sustainable Non-Volatile Memory: Machine Learning and Memory-Aware Write Schemes for Energy Optimization and Longevity

Non-volatile memory (NVM) technology presents a promising alternative to traditional DRAMs with its non-volatility and near-zero standby power consumption...

6/24 12pm

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