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Designing efficient and scalable cache management systems

Presenter: Juncheng Yang Abstract: Software-managed caches have been ubiquitously deployed in today's system infrastructure. From personal devices to...

2/27 11am
Defense: Ren, P. (CSE) - Smartphone-Based Pedestrian Tracking System for Visually Impaired People

Current smartphone-based localization systems, primarily designed for sighted individuals, offer wayfinding services by tracking a user's path. However, this...

2/27 1:30pm
NebulaStream: Data Management for the Internet of Things

Speaker: Prof. Volker Markl, Technical University of Berlin Abstract: The global database research community has greatly impacted the functionality and...

2/28 8am
Enabling the Internet of Batteryless Things

Presenter: Saad Ahmed Abstract: Batteries are not a sustainable way to power the trillions of devices in the future Internet of Things (IoT). Only 5% of...

2/28 11am
Next-generation Storage Systems for Big Data

Presenter: Bingzhe Li Abstract: Tremendous technology developments have been witnessed in the area of computing, network and storage systems. A huge amount...

2/28 3:30pm

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