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At UC Santa Cruz, we take scholarly leaps into the dynamics of social action: agency and governance, politics and mediation, identity and difference, social justice and ethics, democracy and sustainability, technologies and environment, affect and politics.

For sociologists at UC Santa Cruz, these transgressive modes of research open new frontiers for research, new intersections for theory building and new possibilities for change.

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Racial Reconciliation &  the Future of Race in America

Join us for a conversation with Alondra Nelson (President, Social Sciences Research Council), and Herman Gray (Emeritus Professor of Sociology), moderated by...

1/22/2020 6pm
Aliya Saperstein on The Opioid Epidemic and Racial Classification on Death Certificates

Previous research has highlighted not only the existence of individual racial fluidity in censuses and surveys, but also inconsistency in racial...

2/27/2020 12pm
Puerto Rico: Filming Resistance and Survival with filmmaker Juan C. Dávila Santiago and activist Marisel Robles Gutiérrez

This event is free and open to the public. Please check back for date and location updates. About the event For the last four years, Puerto Ricans have...

Brandi Summers

Save-the-date! Sociology alum Brandi Summers will return to campus to talk with us about her latest work. Brandi Summers is an assistant professor in the...

5/14/2020 12pm

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