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Vandana Shiva: Poison Free, Fossil Free Food & FarmingĀ 

With Julie Guthman, Sarait Martinez, Zen Honeycutt, Mackenzie Feldman, Tim Galarneau (moderator) and David Shaw (facilitator) Sunday, January 26th, 10 am -...

1/26 10am
Sowing Seeds: Starting a Successful Spring Garden

A seed is a powerful resource. In this workshop led by UCSC Farm & Garden Staff, we'll discuss best practices for sowing, cultivating seedlings and...

2/9 9:30am
Cane Berries and Blueberries for the Home Garden and Small Farm

Join CASFS Farm Garden Manager Christof Bernau as he covers the fundamental information you need to know to successfully grow and harvest blueberries,...

2/23 9:30am
 Introduction to Honeybees and Beekeeping

Whether you are interested in learning sustainable backyard beekeeping practices or just want a better understanding of how these delicate, intricate...

3/29 9:30am

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kevin left a positive review 1/17/2020

Class was excellent.


daniel left a positive review 4/6/2019

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Priyanka Singh

Priyanka Singh left a positive review 4/5/2019

I was studying about MBBS in Kazakhstan at
and came through this event, Great effort guys heard a lot about you.

sanjiv garg

sanjiv garg left a positive review 12/5/2018

could not see the screen. need to put the screen higher next time. food and drinks were nice.