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Gershom Gorenberg: The Secret War against the Nazis for the Middle East

At the midpoint of World War II, an Axis army under Field Marshal Erwin Rommel was on the brink of conquering the Middle East. Drawing on his latest book,...

2/8 6pm
Hay Barn Doors with event details

Join us in discussing how we can increase research impact through Open Source and Open Data Science must communicate. Digital assets have become a...

2/16 5pm
Grafting materials

This workshop is full. You can view our additional upcoming events to see what other workshops we are offering. Learn to graft fruit trees and go home with...

2/18 9am
tomatoes and other vegetables

As we confront the fragility of California’s water system, a crucial question emerges: how can we adapt to water scarcity without jeopardizing farmer...

2/23 9am

Learn about varietal selection, site selection, planting, pruning, and general care of blueberries in the home garden. Join us in the Hay Barn or watch...

3/11 10am

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kevin left a positive review 1/17/2020

Class was excellent.