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ACE Internationalization Lab Town Hall

Learn about the ACE Internationalization Laboratory at UC Santa Cruz and share your thoughts. The ACE Internationalization Laboratory steering committee will...

4/16 1pm
Fail Fest/ Life Happens: Challenging Notions of Failure through Stories of Resilience

Alumni are welcome! Please join the First Generation Initiative as we seek to: (1) reflect on shared experiences through the power of storytelling; (2)...

4/24 5:30pm
Life Happens: Challenging Notions of Failure Through Stories of Resilience

Presented by the UCSC First Generation Initiative. At this event we will reflect on shared experiences through the power of storytelling; complicate our...

4/24 5:30pm
Distinguished Graduate Student Alumni Award Luncheon

Annual award luncheon for five distinguished graduate student alumni, one from each academic division. This year's luncheon will include a panel discussion...

4/27 11:30am
Pioneer Class Reunion

Welcome home Pioneer class! Pioneer faculty, staff and alumni, please join us for a reunion class dinner with the feeling of a college night. The program...

4/27 5pm

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CruzHacks 2019


CruzHacks 2019


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Tim Parker

Tim Parker left a positive review 2/8/2019

I was lucky enough to have John Dizikes as my senior advisor in 1968. John was erudite, humorous, and approachable. From him, I learned to be critical in judgment and always find a laugh. He was fond of irony. Like Page Smith, his teaching focused on individuals - how people lived and what their personal lives taught about their times. He wrote about what interested him. I learned that following your passion for the past was okay - it was and is a good enough reason to study history. In so many ways John Dizikes enriched my life. May each of us find a mentor like John.